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The Peoples and Their Myths

The belief in some form of "Paradise" nurtured the dreams and hopes of countless trillions of human beings since the dawn of humanity.

Some believe that to reach it, they must pave their path with the bodies of their enemies slained in battle. Others hope that by practicing charity, paying tithes, and participating in religious rites and practices, they will secure their place in Paradise.

The Gardens of Heavenly Abode

Christians live under the belief that all their mistakes, errors and "sins" are caused by the malevolent influence of demons or demonic entities, under the command of the powerful Satan and his legion of fallen angels. However, they hope that through obedience to the dogmas that make up the canons of the beloved holy church and by fulfilling the canonical rites, they will go to paradise after death and dwell in the abode of the Heavenly Father, alongside Jesus, his most beloved son and Lamb of God, who died on the cross to save us.

"The greatest trick of the devil was convincing the world that he didn't exist."

Ancient peoples, mostly polytheistic, maintained an annual calendar dotted with festivals, rituals and celebrations to honor and often appease the wrath of numerous greater and lesser deities. For the Norse, Vallhala, from Old Norse Valhöll, meaning "Hall of the Slain," was a majestic and immense hall located in Asgard, where the brave warriors who died in combat were taken by the Valkyries and chosen by the god Odin. Those not chosen by Odin were taken to the fields Fólkvangr, belonging to the goddess Freyja.

Vallhala (Hall of the Slain)

The God Odin
The Goddess Freyja