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The Sacred Path

What path should we pursue to reach God?
What must we do to find the image and likeness of the Creator within us?
Which religion is the right one to follow?

Freud believed that sexual desire was the driving force behind human life. Schopenhauer claimed that man was driven by aspirations and passions. Jung believed that man sought a complementing balance between body and psyche or the mind/spirit. Jung stated that the belief in gods was nothing more than the projection of psychic records, of which our ego has no knowledge of.

Carmen Viana believes that man seeks the approval of superior beings, and the force that drives this quest is encoded in our own genetic code.

In Search of the Divine

Since the emergence of intelligent life on Earth, man has been in search of the Divine, seeking something greater, a deity to follow in their footsteps, and by doing so, attain their own divine state of existence.
Throughout the ages, there have been various names given to this sublime state of being. Some have given it a connotation of a physical and tangible place, calling it Paradise or Eden, while others refer to it as Nirvana, and Islamic cultures call it Al-Yanna. Nordic peoples refer to it as Valhalla, and thus, the divine abode has received infinite names depending on each culture and belief.
More spiritually inclined peoples perceive it as something more subtle, not a physical place, but a state of mind, and they call it Samadhi, a condition of feeling and perceiving the reality around us, where the illusion of matter dissolves, and consciousness shares a perfect state of union with the great Divine Consciousness, where all suffering and anxiety vanish.