Adam, Eve, The Eden and the Serpent - The Sacred Path - Carmen Viana

Adam, Eve, The Eden And The Serpent

In the vast majority of belief systems, the situation of humanity is described in the same way, with minor variations but always a constant: A being created by a Creator God, with kindness, wisdom, love, and numerous other attributes, all described in a superlative and infinite manner. However, at the same time that this Creator made the human being a sinner, they did not take proper responsibility for their "manufacturing error," condemning the "victim" of their "malpractice" to an eternity of punishment and torment.

Before we venture into seeking such a sacred path, we should question if there truly is a Sacred Path to be sought after, and it seems obvious that there is because if there were no path leading to fulfillment, perfection and happiness then, there would be no point in continuing this long and arduous marathon called Life.

Now, if we assume that such a path truly exists, new questions arise:

1st - Why were we created "outside" the Sacred Path?
2nd - If we were not created "outside" the Sacred Path, then how, when and why did we deviate from it?
3rd - If the Sacred Path will lead us to the divine and the subtle, why do the rites of passage, formulas and commandments prescribed in numerous mythologies and religions demand so many cruel acts, penances and punishments to reach the Sacred Path that will lead us to the Divine Abode?
4th - Will we be capable of reaching such paths, considering that they are all monitored and dominated by such tyrannical and despotic Gods?
5th - And finally, we must question if it is truly worth at all seeking such a path if we will have to live with divinities so devoid of love and compassion.

It seems absurd and unacceptable that such a God or Gods, who created ungrateful, disobedient and sinful human beings, fallen from grace and condemned to pay ad eternum for their sins through sacrifices, offerings and rituals when the Divinity(ies) themselves do not accept their respective responsibility(ies) for the flaws with which they created human beings and, furthermore, why do humans has to pay for their "sins" and the creator(s) god(s) DON'T have to pay for their "manufacturing" errors. Why shouldn't they, by Cosmic Law, be forced to reward or compensate their victims, US, for the mistakes they made in making us which so many "fabrication flaws"? Why is it that we, the creatures, have to pay eternally for the errors that the Divinity(ies) committed when creating us?

The Serpent's Temptation And The Expulsion Of Adam And EveFrom Paradise

Who Is The Serpent of The Eden?

Moreover, if everything was created by God – The Creator - who created the serpent? If it was God who created it, why didn't God unleash his wrath upon the serpent instead of punishing us eternally for a temptation he allowed to happen?
Shouldn't parents care for their children and keep them safe from dangers and threats?
Isn't plausible that the law of men, which holds parents responsible for caring for their children, is more perfect than the Divine Law. Therefore, it is worth questioning:

Where Is The Mistake?

The mistake lies in having listened to the serpent, and by serpent, we must understand "anything that comes from outside ourselves." This could be a religion, sect, dogma, advice or any other proposal that takes us away from our inner path because if God made us "in His image and likeness," everything that He possesses, so do we. Therefore, Omniscience, Immortality, Omnipresence, Omnipotence and all other Divine Attributes are encoded within all of us. Thus, the original sin is not the infamous disobedience but rather one of the 7 deadly sins:


If the Creator Himself had to conscientiously tread the 6 days or 6 stages of Creation and only rested in the 7th day, why do we always seek shortcuts? Why are we always in search of miraculous salvation, preferably free, easy, and close to home?